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It is a duty to resist evil. — Mohandas K. Gandhi

After a decade of writing for a living, it occurred to me it was time to give something back. Actually, given typical pay rates for writers, “writing for a living” is probably an oxymoron. Still, I realized, it's not “all about me,” and I should be using my journalistic skills to advocate for the environment and social justice. I may not have had money to give to worthy causes, but I had certainly built up some creative capital I could use.

Although I've never been shy about writing letters to the editor on a wide range of issues, it was in 2003 that I heeded the call. I had been suffering from a devastated immune system already for three years and was in desperate need of spiritual rejuvenation, if—as it seemed—physical healing wasn't likely anytime soon.

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Below are some links to worthy organizations that are working to protect wilderness, endangered species, human health, social justice, sane economic policy and peace. I especially urge readers to connect with Avaaz, which has an enviable record of success on a variety of issues.




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